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Cellularline CLEARDUOIPH15T Hard Transparent Case for iPhone 15

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Cellularline CLEARDUOIPH15T Hard Transparent Case for iPhone 15


Hard transparent case with rubber edges to absorb knocks and guarantee a high level of protection for your smartphone. Extra-strong and Military Test-certified, it protects your smartphone from knocks and scratches and does not affect its design. Clear Duo has a lifetime guarantee: to find out more, visit the Cellularline Guaranteed For Life section.



  • Dual material: rigid body with rubber frame.
  • Raised rubber frame for greater display and photographic compartment protection.
  • Shock-proof: protects against knocks and drops.
  • It has passed the Military Test, an internationally recognised certification which proves resistance to knocks and drops.
  • Antibacterial formula integrated in the case’s material.
  • This case contains recycled material.



  • Compatible with: iPhone 15
  • Technology: Antibacterial
  • Certifications: Military Test
  • Colour: Transparent