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Cellularline TEMPGCABXIAOMIA2K Tempered Glass for Xiaomi Mi A2

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Cellularline TEMPGCABXIAOMIA2K Tempered Glass for Xiaomi Mi A2
Second Glass Capsule is the thermoformed tempered glass sheet that covers perfectly the edge of the phone and provides the right level of screen protection without changing the definition. Built in ultra-transparent material with the edge matching the colour of the phone, the tempered glass sheet Second Glass Capsule adapts perfectly to the smartphone design and is compatible with the cases.

Does not affect the brightness or sensitivity of the display.

PERFECT FIT: the capsule design ensures a perfect fit with the front of the phone.

Protects the display from knocks and drops.

Shatterproof glass: will not splinter if broken, but rather stays attached to a film that is easy to remove.





Type: Tempered glass
Material: Glass
Hardness of glass: 9H
Technology: Shock-absorbing

Colour: Transparent, black edges