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CIS 2023-1F-BK/BU Gaming Chair, High-back support, Up to 100kg, Tilt to 135deg, Footrest, Head & Lumbar support, Sliding armrest, Height-adjustable, Black/Blue

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2023-1F-BK/BU Gaming Chair, High-back support, Up to 100kg, Tilting, Head & Lumbar support, Height-adjustable, Footrest, Sliding armrest, Black/Blue



  • Automotive design that incorporates the typical seats of racing cars, slim ergonomic backrest with removable headrest and lumbar cushion, both are filled with high-density sponge and can be adjusted along the backrest through the appropriate straps, the lumbar cushion reduces the pressure of the spine lumbar spine while the headrest relieves fatigue and protects the neck spine for maximum comfort while playing or working.
  • Made entirely of high quality eco-leather in a beautiful black and blue colours that makes the chair very special.
  • The seat is padded entirely with high intensity sponge which releases the pressure of the hip and legs thus promoting blood circulation during long hours at the computer.
  • The backrest can be reclined up to a maximum of approx. 135° and allows you to rest comfortably during your breaks from online gaming sessions or computer work.
  • And for an even more comfortable relaxation this incredible chair is equipped with a very comfortable removable footrest for a truly incredible level of relaxation
  • Thanks to the comfortable ergonomic backrest to the comfortable seat and the two padded armrests this chair helps to constantly maintain a correct posture avoiding fatigue of the spine while using the computer.
  • Solid 5-star Nylon base equipped with a gas piston that regulates the 360° rotation of the chair and the height adjustment up to a maximum of 117 cm. Furthermore, the practical scratch-resistant wheels allow easy movement of the chair on any type of floor.
  • The ergonomic design and the materials used make this gaming chair a truly indispensable accessory for all people who love online games or who simply spend many hours working at the PC, providing absolute comfort and relaxation.



  • Type: Gaming Chair
  • Max Weight: 100 Kg
  • Angle adjuster: 90°-135°
  • Material: PVC
  • Seat width: approx. 52cm
  • Colour: Blue/Black