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Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo Titanium Manual Coffee Machine KP110T10

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Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo Titanium Manual Coffee Machine KP110T10
– Introducing Oblo. The perfect combination of outstanding performance and sleek design. With Oblo, each and every cup is an irresistible masterpiece.- One of the latest machines to join the Nescafe Dolce Gusto family, the Krups Oblo is one of the more affordable models to use the popular coffee pod system. Launched along with the Jovia by De?Longhi, it?s the square alternative to the Jovia?s more typical curves and upright configuration.- While some pod machines are tall and slim, the Oblo is shorter, wider and squarer. Not only does this mean it fis snugly under low wall cabinets, it can also be swivelled when not in use to slot lengthwise into a convenient recess.- Its compact footprint and curved back also makes the Krups Oblo a good choice for an unused corner. The Oblo is a manual machine, meaning you use the lever on top to decide how much water to run through each pod. While there?s a guide on each box of pods on the optimum ml for each drink, it can require a little practice to get this right ? not ideal if you like your coffee the same every morning. However, on the flip side, stronger or weaker drinks are an easy option. There?s also no LCD screen or internal bin for used capsules.- Where it plugs in is a little limited by the short (80cm) power cord but it?s also bright red, so it?s easy to tell apart from other cables. This can be handy if several appliances use the same socket. Fortunately, it only weighs a light 2.5kg, so can be moved around the kitchen to suit.Features- Capsule Bin: Yes- Machine Weight: 2.5 KG- Power Consumption: 1500W- Tank Capacity: 0.8 L- Pressure:15 Bar- Power: 1500 W- Control Type: Push button controls & lever- Auto Shut-Off:Yes