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KVM Remote-Power-Manager Intellinet 156127

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KVM Remote-Power-Manager Intellinet 156127The INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS? Remote Power Manager is an Internet-ready device designed to allow network administrators remote and individual control of AC power for up to eight devices. Intelligent remote power management of rack-level hardware (servers, routers, modems and telephone networks) allows you to control critical power with the security of knowing your investment is protected. With the Remote Power Manager, you can be alerted via email messages, SMS pager messages and SNMP traps to respond to problems immediately to minimize or eliminate downtime.Remote Power Recycling ? Reboot from Anywhere!Monitor, control and reboot servers and other connected devices remotely using standard protocols such as single dial-up, SNMP, Telnet and the Web. So even if the network locks up, there is always a backup control option for administrators.Power MonitoringThe Remote Power Manager keeps you aware of any AC power disruption to the devices that are attached by automatically notifying you through SNMP alerts or email. Detailed data-logging is captured for statistical analysis and diagnostics, and is available in a daily history report through email.Remote Temperature and Humidity SensingThe intelligent Remote Power Manager includes optional ambient temperature-sensing capability. When equipped with the optional Environmental Monitoring Device (EMD), it can monitor and report an overtemperature condition, reducing the risk of equipment damage.FeaturesTurns any AC-powered device on or off remotely via a Web browser, NMS, Telnet, SNMP or HyperTerminal (console).Controls the power of up to 8 connected devices.Safeguards equipment from power surges, lightning strikes and other power anomalies.Intelligently turns devices on/off based on event occurrence or planned schedule.Administrator and multiple users with password protection for double-layer security.Address-specific IP security masks prevent unauthorized sources from accessing the RPM menu through the network.Supports SSL V3 and SSH V1 protocols.Detailed data-logging for statistical analysis and diagnostics.Event notification through SNMP traps or email alerts.Daily history report via email.Downloads data and events log list to servers.Can be attached to an optional Environmental Monitoring Device (EMD).