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Leifheit Clothes Airers Deluxe with Wheels 20m

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Leifheit Clothes Airers Deluxe with Wheels 20m- Leifheit 81519 Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile Drying Rack This is what comfortable laundry drying looks like: the Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile provides for a gentle and comfortable drying with five clever extras, such as the two small parts holder, into which you can clip socks, handkerchiefs and underwear. – The two outer bars of the lateral wings are wavy and are perfect for hanging the accessories five wind resistant hangers. – They snap into place and do not fall even in strong winds. What is missing is the clothespin bag, which can quickly and easily be attached to a dry rods with its Velcro closure and clothespins are always handy. This includes a soft dry cloth that is braced for drying delicate laundry pieces which can be stretched over the drying rods.- With its parallel legs, the Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile is extremely sturdy and stable inside and out. – The Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile is equipped with two flexible rollers. Just life one side of the drying rack, and it can be manoeuvred in all directions – even over small obstacles. – The rollers have a complete 360 ? swivel and are suitable for sensitive laminate and parquet floors with their coating Since the rollers touch the ground only while moving, the Pegasus 200 Deluxe Mobile is stable and safe despite rollers. – The dry length is 20 metres and can accommodate around two washing machine loads. – Long laundry items like towels or pants dry on the side, hinged wings with a height of 107 cm, so nothing drags on the floor. -The Pegasus 200 Deluxe drying rack is easy to put up and just as easily and quickly folded. -The drying bars are provided with a special powder coating and durable anti-corrosion protection.