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Manhattan USB-C-Male to C-Male EPR Charging Cable 2.0m 5A Black 356367

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Manhattan USB-C-Male to C-Male EPR Charging Cable 2.0m 5A Black 356367
240W USB-C charging cable M/M with Power Delivery 3.1 – higher power support for the next generation of USB charging
This Manhattan Type-C Device Charging Cable is your future-proof connection for high-power USB chargers and laptops to come. It is compliant with the latest USB Power Delivery standard 3.1, which introduced Extended Power Range (EPR). Cables and devices with EPR support power up to 240 watts (48 V / 5 A), an increase that?s nearly 2.5 times the 100 W (20 V / 5 A max.) limit of the Standard Power Range (SPR) in PD 3.0.

Superior wattage, backward compatible with older chargers
Such a superior wattage for USB-C has a lot of benefits: High-end devices like the latest 16″ MacBook Pro? or a modern gaming laptop already take advantage of input power above 100 W, which they currently receive from a proprietary charging brick. Those bricks use custom DC tips that are not interchangeable between different brands. If you lose such a brick, it is frustrating and expensive to replace. The universal USB-C connector puts an end to that frustration, allowing notebooks from every manufacturer to be charged from any PD 3.1-compliant wall charger, power bank or charger. This is also why a new EU regulation requires laptops to be chargeable via USB-C starting in 2026. PD 3.1 is backward compatible with PD 3.0, so you can still use your legacy chargers with 100, 65 W or lower.

Strong shielding and heavy-duty braided jacket with flexible strain relief
The extremely durable molded aluminum boot absorbs the stress of frequent bends without damaging the core of the cable, while the braided jacket makes the cable virtually tangle-free. That combination resists cracking and protects from daily wear and tear or frequent in-car use. The double shielding (aluminum foil and braid) and corrosion-resistant contacts provide maximum signal integrity. The USB-C plugs are reversible, so they will always fit, no matter which way you insert them.

USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.1 cable with Extended Power Range (EPR) charging up to 240 W at 48 V / 5 A, backward compatible with PD 3.0/2.0/1.0.
USB-C male to USB-C male for connecting to USB-C device ports.
E-Marker chipset for lossless, reliable 240 W power delivery over the entire distance.
Supports data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps.
Braided, tangle-resistant jacket with heavy-duty strain relief.
Sturdy aluminum boot for superior durability.
Foil and braid double shielding to reduce EMI and other interference sources.
Gold-plated pins and pure copper wire for corrosion-free connections.
Bi-directional design – either plug can send power and data from a source or receive them at a downstream device.
Great for your current and future USB-C powered laptop, MacBook Pro? or docking station.
Charges other Type-C devices like phones, tablets, portable game consoles and more.


Standards and Certifications
USB 2.0
PD 3.1

Two USB-C 24-pin males
Double shielding: aluminum foil and braid
Gold-plated pins, nickel-plated shell
Wire: pure bare copper
Aluminum boot with strain relief
22/29 AWG
Length: 2 m
Outer diameter (OD): 4 mm
Net weight: 50 g
Gross weight: 55 g

Withstanding voltage: 500.0 V DC 10 ms
Insulation resistance: 100 M?/km at 20? C
Contact resistance: 3 ? (max.)
Supported power throughput: 240.0 W at 48.0 V / 5.0 A max.

Operating Environment
Operation temperature: 0 – 45?C
Operating humidity (non-condensing): 10 – 85%
Storage temperature: -10 – 70?C
Storage humidity (non-condensing): 5 – 90%